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SC volonterku Vesnu iz Amazonasa već znate s English cafe-a odnosno Konverzacijskog engleskog. Online kave utorkom se nastavljaju od sljedećeg tjedna, ali u malo zelenijem tonu:

As we continue with sharing our English language skills from the English cafe, this time we will upgrade it with discussions on the specific Environmental topic.

We will take a look at the term of climate change (overview of the whole package), over consumption, ecological footprint, environmental justice, environmental movements, and other topics that are raising curiosity in participants. If you already have an idea for discussion just let us know 😉

The most common tools will be documentaries, TEDx talks, articles, and sharing our experiences.

The moderator of the cafe is Vesna Cesar, European solidarity corps volunteer in Udruga Amazonas, active in the field of climate change movements.

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Rok je do 4.5. u podne.

Before the cafe: All selected participants will receive a link (where meeting will take place) on e-mail together with useful materials 🙂


05 svi 2020


16:00 - 17:30

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Udruga Amazonas

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